RH03MOG – Adventures of a Morgan

I am planning a few adventures in my trusty Morgan 3-wheeler RH03MOG so I thought it would be good to document my progress on a blog. I’ve never done this before so forgive my bloging ineptitude and experience. It’s purpose is mainly for my own benefit – to help remember my adventures and inspire me through the winters and days unsuitable for Morganeering.

I’ve had RH03MOG for over 4 years now so I think I will start with a review of what I have done so far. Let’s see how this blog thingy works……

June 2017 – I have added to my Morgan stable. My 2016 Aero 8 is home and hopefully will allow me even more Morgan adventures. Even though I didn’t buy the car direct from Morgan it was nice of them to arrange for a handover at the factory. Thanks Nick…


The 3-wheeler and the Blog RH03MOG will continue. The 3-wheeler will always be a very special car as it has provided so many memories and experiances. So although this blog will remain on RH03MOG.com I am looking forward to adding many more adventures in RH03MOG and RH08MOG. Adventure awaits…….

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