2015 – Norway

12 July 2015 – Home to Harwich

Here we go then. Day 1 of my northern adventure. I left home at about 4.30 this afternoon in bright sunshine. I took it steady down the motorway to Harwich. Unfortunately there was a terrific downpour about 30 miles before the port. I knew it was coming as I was driving right towards a bright rainbow. I expect that this will not be the last time I get wet.

The car has hummed along nicely and the new tyres feel different but in a good way. Holland and Germany tomorrow. I’m expecting to get wet again.

Made it safely to Harwich. A bit damp…..I don’t think it will be the last time.

Bye bye England……..

13 July 2015 – Hook of Holland to Hamburg

Salzbergen, Germany.

Hamburg, Germany

Very wet!

My humble abode for tonight……

Made it to Hamburg through terrible weather. Rain, rain and more rain. Over 300miles through a wall of spray today – not the best days travelling I have ever had. Made it to the hotel and dried out. I can now go to the bar as I have blow-dried my euros!

Not so far to go tomorrow. Let’s hope it’s a bit dryer.

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Mmmmmmm. That’s better…..

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14 July 2015 – Hamburg to Kiel Ferry

Got up in Hamburg to yet more rain 😥. Had breakfast at the cafe next door and packed the car in the rain. Put the full rain gear on and headed out of town. The car was absolutely soaked but started first time.

Kiel was only 60 miles away but took some time due to major motorway roadworks. The rain gradually eased and the sun finally came out as I ran out of Germany. I had plenty of time so I parked up and went for coffee.

My trusty sat-nav guided me straight to the port where I queued for 90 minutes before boarding. The ship is pretty good – like a cruise ship with plenty of different places to eat. 

We are just pulling out on our 20 hour crossing to Oslo. Norway here I come!

I’m just having a beer in the Jazz bar on my crossing to Oslo and they’re singing raindrops Keep falling on my Head 😩.

15 July 2015 – Oslo to Geiranger

Not far from Oslo now. We dock in less than an hour then it’s out of town heading north-west.



Well, it was looking good as I left Oslo with the sun shining. I took the Motorway north and made good time. After the motorway ran out so did the sunshine. Showers started which gradually merged into continuous rain. Such a shame as I know the road to Geiranger is beautiful in good weather.

As you can see I climbed well up above the snow line and yes, the lake in the pictures is still frozen. The car continues to perform faultlessly and it got me to the hotel just past Geiranger by 5.30.

The hotel is good and I have eaten here as it’s still raining. The forecast isn’t good for tomorrow but I’ll continue as planned.

Richard Hardy's photo.
Richard Hardy's photo.

16 July 2015 – Geiranger – Trondheim

My view at breakfast this morning. Heading for Trollstigen and the Atlantic Road next.

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Another very wet day in Norway. Over the Trollstigen and the Atlantic road today on my way onward to Trondheim. The only dry road was the 6km Atlantic Tunnel!

Spectacular scenery when you can see it.

I must have looked pretty wet when one one fjord ferry – I was given a blessing by a Nun on her way to start a new monastery!

Very swish hotel tonight. Felt bad dripping on their highly polished floor. No hotel tomorrow – I have booked a cabin further up the coast – wish me luck (and some dry weather)

17 July 2015 – Trondheim – Vennesund

Now that’s more like it……!

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An excellent day today. Left the very posh hotel in Trondheim this morning by 8.30 after a very good smoked salmon and scrambled egg breakfast.
Filled the car and continued North passing through Steinkjer and Namsos before taking a smaller road to my first ferry of the day at Lund. After a few early showers the sun finally came out. The coast road was stunning and continued round to Foldereid and Kielda before another ferry from Solstad to Vennesund.
I’m staying in a cabin tonight – not quite the Raddison Blu. The scenery here in Vennesund is amazing. It must be one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.
The weather tomorrow is not looking so good but I’ll make the best of it.
Sunset tonight 23:26!

18 July 2015 – Vennesund – Tonnes

Another day working my way up the west coast of Norway. I left my cabin after an excellent nights sleep and started out in the dry. I just missed a ferry at my first fjord crossing and had to wait 90 minutes for the next one.

I took 4 ferries today one of which took over an hour. The rain has been off and on today but the scenery has remained stunning. I kept bumping into a couple of motorcyclists, one from Norway and the other from Sweden. We had a good chat at each ferry queue. I have now reached my last cabin.

I have a lie-in tomorrow as the first ferry is at 10.00 as its Sunday. This ferry takes me into the Arctic circle!

19 July 2015 – Tonnes to Innhavet

Left my hut after a quick coffee and headed for the ferry 10 mins away. Didn’t want to miss this one as the crossing from Kilboghamn to Jektvika takes over an hour and they are infrequent – especially on a Sunday.

I passed the marker for the Arctic Circle on this ferry – one of my aims for the trip.
I continued north after yet another ferry and some very long tunnels winding northwards. I stopped for photos of a glacier the other side of the fjord. It rained this afternoon but the views remained dramatic.

I turned East at Loding and then North again at Fauske. I haves hotel at Innhavet on the E6 tonight. Nice to have my own shower tonight. 

Sunset tonight 12.13
Sunrise 01.51

20 July 2015 – Innhavet to Sorkjosen

Left my hotel this mornings after plenty of herring for breakfast. It was grey and damp but I’m used to that by now.

Just the one ferry today and I continued North. Nice easy sweeping roads were the order of the day.

Stopped for lunch and got chatting to a Norwegian lady to told me the weather was better further north. Well I’m starting to run out if North so I just continued on my way. After a few miles I entered a tunnel but when I came out the other side I think I was in a different country. The sun was shining! At last. The sun continued all afternoon to my next hotel in Sorkjosen. In fact it’s now 11.25 pm and it’s still shining. 

Sunset tonight – nope!


Morgan Motor Company added 5 new photos.

Some awesome ‪#‎MorganAdventure‬ pictures sent in by 3 Wheeler owner Richard Hardy. Richard is currently taking in the stunning scenery that Norway has to offer. 

21 July 2015 – Sorkjosen to Skarsvag

Made it to the most northerly point on mainland Europe in my little car. A mostly dry day today – no rain but some time spent in cloud. I had to stop for a moose to cross the road this morning-always wanted to see one in the wild. Crazy looking thing and huge.

Made it to Nordkapp visitor centre and had a good warm up – just 6 degrees outside today. Interesting place and worth a visit.

I’m staying just down the road at a little village called Skarsvag before I look south tomorrow. My last day in Norway tomorrow as I head into Finland as I make my way homeward. 

The car is still working great and attracting attention wherever I go. I’m never short of someone to talk to. I thought I was mad doing this trip until I met a man who had cycled here from Portugal!

Oh, another reindeer has just walked past my room!


Gosh! That looks like a long drive home!


Morgan Motor Company added 5 new photos.

More stunning images courtesy of Richard Hardy who has now reached the arctic circle in his 3 Wheeler! 

To quote Richard “I told you when I bought the car it was to be driven not just polished!” – A proper ‪#‎MorganAdventure‬ Richard, thanks for sharing!

22 July 2015 – Skarsvag – Hetta

Starting for home……

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Had a good easy day today. I had herring, caviar and boiled eggs for breakfast and set out feeling good. The first few miles were in cloud but I came out of it and was treated to a brilliant view. I was retracing my steps this morning back as far as Alta – no bad thing as the coastal road is spectacular.

I had stocked up with bread and meat (don’t know what) at my last refuelling stop so I had a hand made lunch overlooking the fjord.

I finally turned of the E6 onto the 93 at Alta and headed into new territory. This started as a great road following a gorge. Many lakes and streams later (and very few cars) I had my last coffee stop before passing the border into Finland. I’m a a nice big hotel in Hetta with very few guests – Christmas in Lapland their usual visitors. Had a nice meal – fish again! Keep your fingers crossed for fine weather again tomorrow.

23 July 2015 – Hetta to Jyvaskyla

Nice spot for some lunch. Pello, Finland.

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Continued my way south through Lapland, Finland as far as Jyvaskyla. Stormy today but with bright sun in between the downpours.

Helsinki tomorrow with a few hours to explore before I catch a 30 hour ferry to Travemunde in northern Germany. Not looking forward to that!

25th July – Jyvaskyla to Helsinki

Time round Helsinki before my ferry this afternoon.

26th July

Arrived in Travemunde at last. that was a vvveeerrryyy long crossing with very little to do. tonights hotel is close to the port and may be the best one I have stayed in.

27th JULY 2015

On my way to the ferry from Hook of Holland to Harwich leaving at 10.00 tonight. This is what I’m driving through today! Lovely.

28 July 2015

Home safe. Quite a trip. 3785 miles recorded. I’ve seen lots of great places, met some interesting people and got very wet!

Ive added the pins to my map.

Richard Hardy's photo.
Richard Hardy's photo.

Where to next………?


2 thoughts on “2015 – Norway

  1. Richard,
    Greatly enjoyed reading this post and your others on here.
    Helen and me have travelled a similar trip while towing a caravan a few years back (Lofoten Islands). Now contemplating a trip in the 4/4 on a shoestring. A couple of hints you may have for us please! can you recommend best ways to book cabins en route.
    Graham T.


    1. Graham,

      Norway is a fabulous place to tour as you know but best of luck doing anything on a shoestring. I found everything very expensive including food and accommodation. It was worth it though.

      I booked the cabins I used directly with polarcamp.com and vennesund.com after finding them on my maps and then googling them.

      I hope you have a great time.



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