2020 – Introducing the JAP

When it became clear that the Morgan 3-wheeler in its current form was coming to an end I thought long and hard about whether I should buy one of the Morgan outgoing special editions. I have had so much fun, had so many adventures and met so many lovely people who I am fortunate enough to call friends that I found it difficult to say no. However, when the specification of the P101 final editions came out it really wasn’t to my taste. I was disapointed but I did hear on the grape vine that Krazy Horse were going to be offering their own special edition. When I did hear about their specification I was unsure again but they also were offering a few build slots for customers to specify what they want. I decided that i should make a visit.

I fully expected to be specifying my own 3-wheeler but after speaking to Dan and seeing some of the nice Krazy Horse details on their special edition I was convinced that I would go for one. The specification had a number of options and as a last opportunity to order one of these unique machines I didn’t hold back:

Bespoke KH builds of which there will be only 5

Polished Body

Exclusive exposed rivets (special one off factory request)

Exclusive additional rear louvers to rear (special one off factory request) 5 instead of 3

Yarwood Brookland Honey Leather

Quilted stitching in cast aluminuim thread colour

Heated seats

Leather storage pockets

Engine immobiliser

Blumel Brooklands steering wheel with JAP detailing

Vintage catches

Louvers to bonnet

Mohair tonneau

Rear Mudguard

JAP Engine covers With exclusive hand painted JAP decals

Wrapped exhaust headers in titanium coloured wrap

Special Edition stainless polished decal set

JAP red exhaust heat shields

Bespoke Black Chrome front wheels

Two eared spinners

Blockley front tyres

Exclusive to KH stage one (KH exhausts and S&S high flow Chrome air filter)

KH LED headlights

JAP Polished Stainless steel chassis rail covers

JAP edition customer hand over pack

Handling pack

X4 ohlins tuned and specifically valved for Morgan 3 wheeler by Ohlins themselves

Wider rear and softer compound tyre

KH empire racing suspension geometry kit

Stage two

S&S performance cams

Larger inlet manifold

New unlocked ECU and DYNO run

After many weeks waiting I finally go t to pick up the new car on 19th December 2022……

Even with the spec. above I had to change a few things. I ordered a set of the excellent Garage G56 Carbon fibre mudguards. these save a considerable amount of unsprung weight. I also had these painted in the Ducati red – the colour of the JAP highlights. I also did the same with the engine cover and the rear light pods. Overall I am really happy with the look.

An essential modification in my opinion if you intend to really use a Morgan 3-wheeler is the Bleazey modification to the Canta drive. This modifies the drive so that the Centa rollers can be changed from below the car. Without this modification, the replacement of the rollers requires the engine to be removed! Krazy Horse removed the engine and sent it off to Phil to carry out his work before returning it to the car – all before I took delivery. Excellent service from Krazy Horse and of course Phil Bleazey. I cant recommend this modification enough which is available from Phil or via M3W services in the UK and in France.



I have since hard-wired in my phone and sat-nav. Now all I need are some adventures.

If you don’t know about the JAP reference, JAP engines were used on early Morgan 3-wheelers. If you would like to know more……… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JA_Prestwich_Industries#:~:text=Latterly%2C%20JAP%20engines%20(under%20Villiers,speedway%20and%20long%20track%20use.