RH03MOG – Adventures of a 3-wheeler


I am planning a few adventures in my trusty Morgan 3-wheeler RH03MOG so I thought it would be good to document my progress on a blog. I’ve never done this before so forgive my bloging ineptitude and inexperience. It’s purpose is mainly for my own benefit – to help remember my adventures and inspire me through the winters and days unsuitable for Morganeering.

I’ve had RH03MOG for 5 years now so I think I will start with a review of what I have done so far. Let’s see how this blog thingy works……

9 thoughts on “RH03MOG – Adventures of a 3-wheeler

  1. Saw yours and two others parked out the Lakefront Lodge Motel yesterday evening, we were a few doors down, and again this morning at Milford Sound. My wife’s father had one in the 1930s in his youth. We are visiting the Morgan factory in June. Best wishes with your travels


  2. I am impressed with your storries. I did a lot of travelling with my Jaguar C-type throughout Europe, Afrika and the USA. Last week I’ve bought a Morgan 3 Wheeler also and hope to enjoy it. Keep on writing these stories, I hope to convince my wive to love the M3W with them.


  3. Just passed you on the M40 by Warwick Services! Went on a tour of the Morgan factory in Malvern recently. Great to see you. Where are you going now?


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