2019 – New Zealand (pre trip)

November 2018

It is now the end of November 2018 and my plans for a visit to New Zealand are coming together. I have wanted to visit New Zealand for a long time and have made plans before but this time it is actually happening. The Shipping is booked. The flights are booked. The hotels are booked. Insurance has been arranged. I am excited!

Screenshot 2018-10-26 at 19.23.25.png

For this adventure I will have some company. Roger will coming along in his 3-wheeler as will Shaun and Libby in theirs. The tour is in March but obviously it takes quite a while to get the cars to the other side of the world so by the middle of December the cars will have to be delivered down to the shipping agent to start their long, slow journey to New Zealand.

The route has been planned out with the help of the others and looks really beautiful. I can’t quite believe this is actually happening but only have about 2-weeks to get the car sorted. Gosh! 

People have been asking for an itinerary so below are screenshots from my computer for each day….

13 December 2018

I left home on an extremely chilly but very beautiful morning. Phew….its a dry day. I really didn’t want to leave the car wet with wet waterproofs inside. I make good progress but have to stop at Oxford services for coffee but mote importantly I just had to stop to thaw out my freezing feet.

The drive down was assay as i could have hoped with few holdups. I made it to Pease Pottage just before midday. It was the first time I had met Fabian even though he arranged the shipping of my car when I went to the USA. After a cup of tea, Roger arrived and we took the cars to be stored for a few days before they are loaded into the container on Tuesday. Batteries were disconnected to stop the immobilisers draining them. Shaun and Libby arrived shortly after and we parked his car alongside the others in the very impressive garage. We handed over the necessary paperwork and left the cars. I will get a link to track the ship to Columbia before it changes for the leg to New Zealand. Let’s hope all goes to plan.

Thanks Shaun and Libby for the lift back to Oxford Station.

1st February 2019

Roger has spies in New Zealand who spotted the Spirit of Hamburg arrive in New Zealand. Only five weeks to go now.


24th February 2019

Today I spent a very nice morning wit some talkmorgan friends at our ‘bon voyage’ breakfast held at the Krazy Bear farm cafe in Stadhampton. Libby even made some New Zealand cupcakes. It was great to see everyone. Less than two weeks to go now!